Growing as a niqabi in the West, there weren't many options for us (this was about 8 years ago). I used to go to university and work part time with full niqab, and the wide-eyed stares were numerous. I used to think that wearing black was the only option and for many of us it was. If you went to any Islamic store black was the only colour of abayas, jilbabs and niqabs you'd be able to find. Fast forward to when I married my husband with whom I would complain about the lack of affordable quality Islamic clothing. At that time I was also study Tafseer (Explanation of the Qur'aan) and I saw my teacher wearing abaya in many different colours, and she was not showy or immodest, the opposite in fact. So my husband invested in this company, albeit on a very small scale. We personally went to Dubai, worked with the fabric sellers and tailors to bring our vision into a reality. On May 2018, at the BeingME conference in Toronto, my husband,  father and I built a booth with our own hands and hung up all our merchandise. We were nervous since it was our first event, we hoped that we would split even at least, and it would not be a loss.  A few hours in and we ended up selling out on a lot of our stock; we were so busy we barely had time to sit or eat that day. Alhamdulillaah, I cannot sufficiently thank Allaah. We also listened to the sisters and their concerns on how there is truly a need for girls out there who want to, and are trying to dress modestly but struggle to find what they are looking for and within a reasonable price...
I sincerely hope that this company is what you are looking for! 


Our products are custom designed in Toronto and then tailored in Dubai using materials we hand source. We do not mass produce our clothes from a factory because we want to ensure that our clothes are finely stitched ensuring quality control.
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