Light Cream Cotton Stretch Hijab

Light-weight Cotton Stretch

Hijab made from the finest material, impeccably soft, and can be dressed up or down for any of your occasions. This hijab has good hold and can simply be easily be wrapped and styled.  


Characteristics of Cotton Stretch:
◦ Stretchy: Cotton Stretch fabric is great for when you are on the go.
◦ Soft: Hijab is soft and smooth, has a slight sheen and smooth.
◦ Breathable: Cotton stretch fabric is made of breathable fiber, ideal for everyday usage.
◦ Well-structured. Cotton Stretch fabrics can be beautifully draped in whichever way.


Measurements: W28" x L70"
Designed in Toronto ◦ Made in Dubai
Care: Hand wash and tumble dry low
Iron: Medium heat