Spanish Rose Two in One Niqab Khimar


    • This Khimar is cut in a diamond shape giving it that elegant subtle flow whenever you move.
    • Suitable for Hijabi and Niqabi sisters. 
    • One size fits all. 
    • Material is Dubai Nida that is suitable and wearable for the hot summers and cool winters. 

How to wear it as a Niqab Khimar?

There are two ties, one of them is the head band that can be tied near the nape of your neck when worn like this your face will be showing. The second ties will be tied behind your head to make into the niqab, you can then pull it up or down as needed.

Care instructions: Wash on delicate. Tumble on low and steam lightly before wearing.

All care has been taken for on screen color resemblance of the products, however 5% variation may be accepted as different monitor capabilities.